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Traffic Infraction Crimes
Innocent Error or Deliberate Treason?

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Discussion on Judicial and Legislative Intentional Fraud Illustrated by Traffic Infraction Criminal Prosecutions

The California Traffic Infraction

Are Traffic Infractions "Public Offenses"?
If so, are they
Criminal or Civil Offenses?
If Criminal, why are Constitutions protections of rights denied the accused?
If Civil, where is the authority to stop and arrest where there is no evidence of criminal conduct?

We often do things which damage us, believing a falsity which "Everybody Knows".
"Everybody Knows" we all must have a drivers license or state Identification card. When I was fifteen, I looked forward to being sixteen with a drivers license. We all did. That license was the key to liberty for a young man or woman. "Everybody knew" that they had to have one or else submit to being a pedestrian, limited in liberty and property to foot or bicycle, taxi or bus, or always a beggar to a licensed, superior slave to the people who rule us.

Well, my Mom signed and I passed the tests, I voluntarily (by ignorant error) surrendered my rights to travel freely and own and use property and I became the proud recipient of permission to use the public streets, roads and highways with my property. This was a rite of passage from child to young adult and we all wore the slave's badge of approval with pride and a sense of freedom from the pedestrian life of a juvenile.

It never occurred to any of us to ask why we needed permission  to use property we owned individually to travel about on property which we owned in partnership with our fellow Citizens. It was not obvious to us that we had submitted to an unconstitutional demand to surrender a set of inherent rights for the privileges of a servant granted to us by a master we had just appointed over our personal affairs.

If individual rights are not sacred and preserved by common agreement, no part of society is safe from sacrifice on the altars of governing expediency and social benefit. When the people we entrust to manage our public affairs lie and trick us by sophistry, misdirection, complexity and other frauds to surrender our rights and liberty, they have abandoned any claim to delegated powers and take up the conduct of criminals, thugs, thieves and traitors. Their so-called "laws" are nullities, treason from the moment of their fraudulent inception and tyranny from the moment of their first enforcement. Tyrants and traitors die.. 

"Do what I tell you, NOW!" and "Give us your (property or money) because we just told you to do it!" If in doubt about the instruction or intent, see the first demand. They have no uncertainty about their willingness to kill us if we disregard their slightest demand. For example, "Let's see some I.D.". This is an unreasonable demand under most circumstances where not criminal conduct has been made. In addition, with few exceptions, there is no requirement for any individual you carry a paper of Identification. So the demander requires an impossible exhibit. If one does not provide the demanded "I.D.", the situation escalates from a probably innocuous encounter to what is perceived as "Contempt of Cop" and now becomes a serious conflict of authority. Our government has a standard policy called "continuum of force", which in essence allows or requires the government agent to incrementally apply additional levels of violence to force your compliance to whatever demand is made upon you, even if the initial and subsequent demands are illegal, unlawful and criminal on their face.

By the way, I just mentioned a "conflict of authority". For those readers who may not have caught that little understatement, this is the significance: You and I are the supreme authority to govern in our country, not the cop, not the judge, not the appointed officials and not our elected representatives. When someone in government makes a demand upon your property or liberty which is not justified at the instant it is made, your demand for an explanation and/or refusal to comply is an expression of your superior authority to command the one attempting to command by proxy authority.

People in government do not appreciate their subordinate roles and they particularly do not appreciate your mention of the fact in their presence.

There are three examples of manipulative fraud used by people of our government to illegally and unlawfully establish and maintain immediate submission to whatever demands the individuals of government may demand of us. These are the greatest and most deadly crimes of modern history.

The first fraud is the personal Income Tax as applied by the Internal Revenue Service and the State Boards of Equalization or equivalent. This tax is applied without support of law for the great majority of Americans. The people in government know that they are illegally applying the law to us, so we are not speaking of simple error or misunderstanding. We demand, "Show us the law!" and they reply "We will show you the law by prosecuting you." State Income Taxation is a subset of the federal Income Tax. Where you have no federal liability, you have no State liability.

The fraudulently applied income tax is prosecuted vigorously by prosecution, seizure and terrorist violence by  people of both our federal and state governments. It is the most effective tool for robbing our pockets and coercing our behavior in the arsenal of unlawful government operations. The effect of this criminal activity is to forcibly and directly confiscate half of the value of our labor, eliminate due process of law and transfer our inherent rights of liberty and property to the control of people in government for their own purposes. What do you call someone who is not allowed to freely control or dispose of his private property and who is forced to labor without compensation for half of his life in the service of another's profit and purpose? Slave? Peon? Indentured Servant? Whatever you may call him, he is not a "Free" man or woman.

The second fraud is the so-called "Drivers License". Until a hundred years ago, a free person could travel where he pleased by any conveyance at his disposal. In the early 20th century, the internal combustion engine was introduced and a variety of engine-driven conveyances appeared on our roads. These new vehicles brought new dimensions of liberty to humans. We now could travel in minutes or hours, distances which previously took days or weeks and as a fantastic bonus, we could take our family, friends, pets and miscellaneous property along with us with the same ease as traveling alone. 

The commercial opportunities were immediately exploited and as in most public utility enterprises, were quickly and properly regulated to preserve the safety of the public and quality of our common property, our roads and etc. upon which commercial use was predicated. Since the automated vehicles rapidly displaced the livestock of travel, a similar mode of identification for mechanical equipment was implemented to replace the branding of the livestock as proof of ownership. The California Legislature ordered the Secretary of  Revenue to accept registration of automobiles and other motor vehicles, similarly to the registration of livestock brands. This was NOT a requirement upon the people to register with the State, but a requirement for the bureaucracy to accept the registrations of ownership by the People. This was an additional duty, and was perceived by public servants as "extra work for the same pay" and Legislation (law) was necessary to impose the duty upon them.

... to be continued

Traffic Infraction Document Scans
(Raw Scan) Minutes of the Judicial Commission (pdf) 11.5 mb
(Raw Scan) 1967 Report to the Governor and Legislature (pdf) 32.7 mb

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(This is an original political essay, composed Tuesday 21 August, 2007)
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