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School is Out
Essay by Henry Nicolle - June 2010

June at last! School will be out soon for a couple months of Summer Vacation. It is an opportunity to examine what we have been teaching our kids and to ask if what we are teaching is acceptable preparation for our future. You know, test our methods and motives for the inevitable "Garbage In - Garbage Out" problem of unanticipated outcomes and their consequences. After all, we have the "best education system government can buy".

If I gore your favorite ox by the things I say, feel free to be offended. There are no rules about speech and opinion which protect anyone from being offended. Offense, like beauty, is in the mind of the beholder. Reality, Death and Birth are bloody and offensive. Slavery is offensive. Liberty can offensive all by itself, especially among personalities which would be offended at what I write.

We have a philosophy and structure for self government which says "Do little and do that slowly." We have a dominant social persona which insists "Do something, even if it's wrong." We have a transient population and an embedded institutional memory. Good ideas come and go, the fireflies of summer that bring a spark of light and joy to hearts still young and innocent enough to see beauty and the desire to run and capture their moment. Bad ideas institutionalize and accumulate. They breed and feed in the dark, consuming youth, innocense and life, the acid of their existence sterilizes any good that might serve Liberty.

Our strategic national defense policy is "Irrational Response". Minority sexual conduct has become a major influence on public law, government education and government standards for private conduct. Minority opinion has insinuated forever war on self-determination and sufficiency, on self-defense, on nutrition, on medicine and medication, frankly, on every aspect of our lives. The law and our philosophy of individual Rights, Liberty and Self-determination are no longer relevant in any significant venue of public debate.

Minority domination of public law and policy, a curse and blight, birthed under the influence of good intentions and nurtured at the tit of political correctness has now blossomed, a noxious bloom, smothering individual Rights and Liberty . . . smothering the individual and our once reasonably free society.

It is not the majority who demand that we bomb the world. It is not the majority who demand that we subsidize the failed monetary systems of the world. It is not the majority who demand that we teach homosexuality, dependence and indebtedness, nor is it the majority who demand that the government buy or bribe our legislative, business and religious leaders to indoctrinate false opinions and promote conduct destructive of independence.

Even the majority of the true Patriot minority has fallen to the Siren's call to poverty of soul, endorsing life under the microscope and encouraging a miserable death, having never truly lived.

I start off on these circular tangents of negativity after a bout of frustration. An overdose that is generally caused by the insanity of incessant group-think reported in our daily headlines.

During the last week or three, (I hate writing in an contemporary mode), one American general has concluded that we have lost another war, "The Afghan war is and will be forever, a stalemate." O.K., all of you who are indignant that I should call that an American loss, I recommend to you the thousands of generals and leaders who have "won" their wars and lost their societies, the wealth and youth of their People squandered to achieve "victory" and its by product, the unintended extinction of the society itself.

American policy of forever war as a means of economic stability and world dominance has meant nearly 75 hears of "military-industrial-political-economic" sublimation of Rights and Liberty. It has brought us at last, past simple dominance to subservience.

I read the comments of another American general who has opined that we no longer need technology superior to those who oppose our ambitions. He says that to feed forever war,  we need quantities - large and expanding quantities, of weapons, materials, supplies and bodies to carry them. More war. More soldiers and sailors and airmen and spacemen. More submission of the People to the demands of insane group-think.

Where are you in all this? Down for another beer and a new tat? New strings or hooks? Maybe just another stiff one, down the hatch or up where-ever ? Whatever.

If you think politics is something dirty and not for your delicate little paws, you are living a fantasy and reality is about to do really "dirty things" to you. The people you allow to run our lives are clean and smell pretty most of the time. They speak mostly pretty words. They are insane. Psychopathic. Deadly. Evil. Nasty.

Beware. Be warned. Do something, ignorance kills.

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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