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Jihad and Holy War
Essay by Henry Nicolle

Look around you. How many of the men, women, children, cops, dogs and other animated flesh are your mortal enemies? Think about that question for a moment.

What does your mind throw up when the words “mortal” and “enemy” impinge upon your consciousness? Nothing? You are not thinking. You are not conditioned to think. You are not prepared to think. You are not capable of rational thought.

Do I exaggerate? No. Your brain is functioning, your thoughts are churning, but are you THINKING? No.

If you were thinking, you would hold the classic 1984 “Double-Think”, two contradictory concepts each true in your own mind. That, my fellow moron, is NOT thinking.

“Mortal enemy” means that you or your adversary must contest continuance in this mortal world, that only one may live, that one must die or perhaps both shall die. In a slightly deeper sense, “mortal enemy” insists that one must die in order for the other to live, because the truth of only one is permitted.

Perhaps you will argue that you reject the concept because you have absolutely NO desire or even ability to contest another’s presence in this world. You are completely assured that there is certainly room for all of us and for our beliefs and expressions in this “civilized” society. I can listen to your inner harmony - “Nobody hates me. Everybody loves me. I hate no one.” Well, to be honest, we can leave out the part that “Everybody loves me.” That presumption only holds true for a few deluded individuals.

You will probably not survive the first moments of a Jihad or Holy War both of which loom quite near within our periphery. I will explain in part, in preview, here. You will have to begin learning how to actually think, if you are to actualize the remaining view through this peering into snail-guts and drawing on gassy augury. Put on your thinking cap and draw and tie the earflap strings tightly around your chin. We are going where, in this last moment, you fear to go. Yes, it will be scary.

Are you a Christian? A Muslim? A “not invented here” spiritualist? Let us presume for the purpose of this alarum, that you are simply a quiet and considerate person, mostly non-flesh-eating and free of unnecessary alimentary ingestions, but you can enjoy a small glass of wine with a weekend pizza or a beer with your barbeque on an occasional commemorative weekend.

Guess what. Somebody will want you dead. Gone. Out of their world view. They will be adamant. No argument will suffice or sway their deliberate and righteous indignation at your existence. None except your ability to destroy them before you are merely a digit in a number among the footnotes of new history.

Hmmm . . . it seems there is a problem here. If someone’s belief requires that you become “one of them” in fact as well as in appearance, or you die or serve as a permanent servant until you die anyway, do you have an “adversary” or a “mortal enemy”? That is not the problem though. The problem is that if you are alive and do not submit to serve, or if you serve with reluctant disposition, you will die immediately or when they become tired of your demeanor.

So, the bottom line, is will you defend your right to life, liberty and self-determination, or will you demean your existence in submission and servitude, depending upon the moment to moment mercy and equanimity of your masters for your life and comfort?

O.K. I suppose you tire of theoretical games which can never actually happen to you or any of us in America as we know it. If I have just repeated your inner thoughts, then Hail and Farewell, you are dead, your body still moves and twitches. Your future fades with each moment, unless your side wins the battle of the killing fields. I suppose if that is the outcome, you will be accurate in thinking that you have no enemies and that you hate no one. We will all be bloody mud between your toes and that will be the end, until the next time.

Tomorrow will bring our test of hate and preparedness. We will repeat the hate of Christians who can tolerate no heathen nor any Christian but of their own sect and of only their own sect. We will suffer the test of Muslim versus infidel and Muslim versus outcast and heretic. We have begun already, with socialist communitarian versus Constitutionalist and followers of our Declaration’s command that Government is created to preserve individual rights, not to create a universal welfare state under a violent mandate for individual submission and service to the Government and Society..

Let the fun begin.

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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