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By Henry Nicolle - January 2009

A year has sped by since I commented to readers of The Seattle Sinner that we now stoop to accept rebellious, criminal acts by people in government to be perfectly acceptable, honorable conduct. In January of 2009, I will comment that we now applaud moronic, ignorant idiocy amplified by larceny, fraud and mendacity among our primary social attributes. We have become the very thing which we despise in others.

Mindless submission to power and greed breeds impossible presumptions which then breed contempt for our law and for our purpose for law. Our contempt denies the blessings and protections of civilization to you and I. For when the power of life or death, of comfort or poverty are ungoverned by the spirit and practice of just law, our blood and property are defenseless to the demands of our greedy and ambitious, who give no thought to their sources.

The new American Paradigm is simple. "If you have power, do as you will. If you have none, do as you are told.” The effects are enormous.

In 1776, we killed the people who ruled with this truism. Then, as now, they were our own people in government, our neighbors and good drinking buddies. As we begin 2009, we welcome their renewed ascendancy and brutish rule. Individual rights burden us with wearisome personal responsibility and accountability. Liberty frightens us by the absence of rules and restrictions. Our indifference to self-determination is suicidal.

I understand our conduct, but I cannot willingly act in concert with my fellow Americans. Americans have become fools who deserve ridicule from politically incorrect "fairy-tales" (of the old fashioned kind), and by humor recounting the stereotypical folk-antics of blondes, jocks, polacks, jews, micks, frogs, queers, niggers, arabs, crackers, wops, krauts, spics, females, males and yankees.

I deliberately kept that list short and avoided upper-case in lip-service to predictable perceived offense to the incontinent sensibilities of some observers. By the way, that’s another of our many serious problems today, Americans cannot give or take adverse or critical social commentary and observation via a joke or face the realities of our conduct which make the so-called humor laughable. So much greater the loss for reason, language and logic when we close our eyes, close our minds and kiss the shitty ass that might be offended by the inherent humor of an accurate half-truth.

Normally, I would ask, "So, what do we do?" I am somewhat chastened by what I have seen and heard during the recent year and I will now accept a fatalist perspective by revising my question: "What will I do now?"

I am chastened because I have heard and seen even the most dedicated volunteers for liberty adopt the two-party charade even though the treasons which emit from its two-horned, soulless cavities can bear no authority whatsoever under the terms we have established for our governing processes. My perspective is now that we are comfortable in our velvet chains and will remain satisfied with our lot even when the velvet is removed and the space-heater in our cell is unplugged. I have (belatedly?) discovered that there is no degradation so low that we will not stoop to accept it with only a public outcry before we adopt it in its totality. Our protests are symbolic easements which allow trespass upon our consciences.

By our Unanimous Declaration of 1776, we asserted that the superiority of the individual, his rights and liberty exceeded any similar claim by society or government. In the same inspired breath, we declared that the only purpose for government is to secure that relationship. Our constitution’s goals were to institute the processes for that defense. Our first ten amendments assured the proper construction of the powers of government and added additional declarative and restrictive clauses upon exercise of powers for governing. If a federal or state rule or policy deprives us of free exercise of our individual rights or liberty, or encumbers our property, it is no law and the policy cannot stand.

But wait, my Brothers and Sisters! That is only Henry’s view, limited by his obvious bias and limited education in such powerful and weighty social matters. He is angry and his anger has impoverished his soul. We should give his opinions no truck, for any fool can see that the more we ask of our brother and sister government, the more comfortable we can all be, secure in their embrace. Rest secure, my dears, by the arms of Mother/Fatherland and Big Brother. The weak shall not perish, the hungry will not complain, the homeless will be sheltered. The sick, the lame, the challenged and elderly shall be provided their place and all our needs shall be fulfilled.


Is anyone listening? What do I do now?

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