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Sheriffhenry Essays explore the processes, effects and consequences of the ongoing revolution by elected representatives, officials and servants of our institutions against the People's constitutional self-government. 

In these essays, I allude repeatedly to "We the People", "state Citizens", "state constitutions", the "federal constitution", the "Federal US government" and the "State governments". These terms should be taken in the context of a Free Society of Free Man and Free Woman and their common effort to secure and preserve their individual, inherenht rights and to protect and exercise the Liberty of free exercise of those rights without interference for self-determination of the individuals and of their society.

The common theme of my essays is to explain these terms and why the definitions are critical to understanding individual loss of self-determination and governing sovereignty in our country. The goal suggested by these essays is the recovery of our individual liberty, our inherent sovereignty and obedience from people we trust with the powers of government. 

I trust that you will enjoy my essays. 


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Henry's Monthly Essays
                      published by The Seattle Sinner and The St. Louis Sinner

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