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24 April, 2009
Henry's Essays at The Seattle Sinner and The St. Louis Sinner!
02 June, 2008

The Seattle Sinner Henry Essays hits 1st Anniversary!
21 August, 2007
Traffic Infractions Are Not Crimes!
21 August, 2007
 Henry now published at The Seattle Sinner
06 March, 2003
North Country Gazette (Link removed at request of Editor)
The site recorded the editor's opposition to petty tyranny and contempt by New York officials for their Constitution and Constituents but has been removed due to retaliation by New York State actors for the editor's successes. Kudos to the Editor and New York Patriot Associates.
06 March, 2003
e-mail to Richard Cheney, Vice President
Parody is not a crime, but the exercise of high public office to achieve a private benefit is a crime. If Cheney can disregard our Constitutional processes, he can disregard abuse of the influence of his office as well.
20 March, 2002
"Professional Courtesy" Essay
There is a reason why most of our judges have never appeared before  the voters on a ballot and that the Sheriff and the District Attorney have not faced a challenger on a ballot for many, many years. Outgoing District Attorney Michael Bradbury was right about, "...who really runs this county..." and THAT is a crime! This crime continues with the recent election of Greg Totten, the newly crowned "co-power that be".

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