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Our Presidents, Congress, Judiciary and States have always found the constitutional relationship of sovereignty, people and government to be inconvenient. They have worked constantly to impose their iron hand of tyranny upon our purpose and subsequent tolerance for those who govern.

The second major shift of the sands under the Constitutional foundation of our country was the consolidation of Federal power in the states and the creation of a Federal US citizen by the President, Congress and the Supreme Court during the 1860 to 1887 period. 

At that time, the time of our War Between the States, the prevalent understanding of the People was that the union of states was voluntary and mutually beneficial, that the states were each sovereign entities and that secession was incorporated as a viable political necessity.

Lincoln eliminated the concept of state sovereignty and voluntary union by invading, conquering, occupying and forcibly recovering the states of the Confederate States of America as States of the union. The re-incorporation of the conquered states of the Confederacy into the Federal Union was accomplished under a condition of military rule under Presidential proclamation and formalized under the Reconstruction acts. Also during this process, Lincoln unconstitutionally created an entirely new state, and had existing state representatives removed from the Congress and State governments who would not agree to legislation necessary to his ambition for a new Federal Nation.. 

A fair argument can be made that the constitutional union of "the united States of America" (the plural proper noun utilized in the Declaration of Independence) expired during that period and was replaced by a new federal Nation, called the "United States", (a singular proper noun adopted by the Federal Government). Neither succeeding presidents nor Congress have deemed it necessary to repeal the anti constitutional legislation known as the Reconstruction Acts, which established military rule in all of the states. These acts remain valid and in effect today. 

Since 1865, the new Federal Government has replaced the Constitutional federal authority with parallel Federal institutions, substituting Federal Municipal Fiat for constitutional authority, extending National mandates to the States by collusion with and bribery of state governments and the extension of pacts between the States and the National governments. Prominent examples of this substitution are the United States Postal Service, a private corporation which operates in substitute for the constitutional Post office of the United States of America, and the Federal Reserve, another private corporation established in substitution for constitutional mandates concerning money and federal borrowing. 

The replacement of our federal republic with a National Government is effective in practice, however faulty it may be in law. The Federal Government as we know it today, was created piecemeal as successive Congresses, Presidents and Courts followed Lincoln's persuasive lead and themselves abandoned the delegated powers and limitations of the federal constitution, exchanging limited enumerated powers for presumption of  unlimited municipal powers over the District of Columbia and other federal Places purchased for "needful buildings" and other enumerated purposes. The Congress and President now claim (with Federal Court  confirmation), that the Constitution has no controlling effect on federal municipal powers expressed under Article I, Section 7, Clause 17. Their claim is that "the Federal government rules there and it exercises exclusive sovereign authority with unlimited powers". What Congress, the President or the Courts order, is that the entire "Nation" is subject , directly or by State proxy, to the unlimited powers of the Municipal Federal enclave. While the claim of the reconstructed Federal Government may be excused as a misunderstanding or as an expedience of institutionalized bureaucracy, the unlawful practice of Federal Supreme Sovereignty and bureaucratic excuses of must end at that point. 

We must consider what next may easily be termed treason. The people of the Federal government, via the institutional bureaucracy, at the instigation of a succession of presidents, with the acquiescence of the Congress and the complicity of the federal courts, extended the presumption of Federal Supreme Sovereignty to the States. Although initially slow to adopt this revolutionary and treacherous scheme, the state institutions and representatives joined the Federal Government to create what we now mistakenly consider to be the new "United States". The replacement of the constitutional republican union by the Federal National Government is not fully comprehended by the People, but has achieved a national quality and effect. Many of our society prefer this Nationalization of our country's governing processes.

A few among us still find the conversion unwelcome and abhorrent.

We are at war in Our country. The people of our government , of our governing institutions both public and private, are in rebellion against the establishment and perpetuation of our self-government as We the People.

Sheriffhenry Essays explore the processes, effects and consequences of the ongoing revolution by elected representatives, officials and servants of our institutions, against the People's constitutional self-government. 

In these essays, I allude to "We the People", state constitutions, the federal constitution, the Federal US government and the State governments.  The common theme of my essays is to explain these terms and why the jurisdictional definitions are critical to understanding individual loss of self-determination and governing sovereignty in our country. The goal suggested by these essays is the recovery of our individual liberty and inherent sovereignty as Citizens. 

For example, when we established the working rules for our federation, the united States of America, a wise number of our founders refused to accept the new Constitution without the incorporation of certain provisions. The first provision adopted is the first amendment, which established that the Congress could make no law regarding speech, press, religion, assembly and petition for redress. The second amendment is not limited to the Congress, and therefore is also a limitation upon the States. The second amendment is the enforcing clause of the first amendment. The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. enemies are both foreign and domestic. When the people in government become careless of our constitutions, they become our enemies. It is the option solely of the People , to select petition by pacific means or by more unmistakable means.

Regardless of how our institutional leaders have chosen to view their own actions, by the imposition of their will, however well intended, they have chosen to abandon obedience to our strictures for self-governing and they are now waging physical, political, economic and social war upon us. Our leaders and institutions are now engaged both in the destruction of We the People and in diligently inducing and creating external enemies who may justifiably seek our demise as a People and a society.

We must act positively and conclusively to deny them either option.

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(This is an original political essay, composed Thursday, 06 March, 2003; edited for syntax and clarity  24 December, 2003)
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